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GOLDEN AGE / 2014 Britpop style Pop Rock hits by O.F.D

Britpop style album Golden Age is composed ,texted,played,recorded,low cost produced by O.F.D in 2014.The videos I made in Max Plank clinic Munich Neurology with my laptop like some of Europe Album.I was there after a headstroke in only vegetative small brain.As result I lost ability of viewing and walking on own feet for a while.In the end secret services visited me obviously ( = Bautzen )my torpeded SPD genius life till then...But I think whole thing was an assault with fight army gas to stop my megamind and unique worth to keep me down even if they repaired me.Now its ok for 99 - 100 % But it was naturally a important date in my life.Apart from Loveme till tomorrow sung by female studiosinger / lesbian girlfriend of former fiancee who was definetly my enemy in reality cause Im SPD Gemius with unknown SS soldier pa,I sung evrything and played evrythoing bymyself.I wrote this to honour the know how of the BEATLES / Cartney / Harrisson / Lennon and producer arranger George Martin.On the other hand choir settings of Fleetwood Mac or influences of Robbie Williams and co.I tried to deliver a euqivalent lifetime work to Beatles / Lennon in production quality of Trevor Horn and top Bass man,definetly one of the best ( Tina Turner / Seal / Yes / Grace Jones...) limited by cheep units and my own voice.Nothing bad here but first 12 songs are definetly hits and quite good recorded.Better sung even by Tina Turner or realy good performer nice guy Robbie Williams etc.

Angel of Mercy
Souvereign of loneley heart
Hey Girl I need you
Ways to Southern California
You make me feel
My love is true
Open Book
I wish freedom
Love me till tomorrow ( still old deomosingerversion )
Sunny Day
Golden Age