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GALAXY ( Galaxie )- 5.Symphony / 5.Sinfonie by O.F.D Final Version 2017

The fifth symphony I wrote definetly to match up with Beethovens Fifth around 2007.unfortunatelly main theme was worse than Beethovens original and structural work on it .On the other hand there was a lyrical second theme in remarcable seting,a second part as huge melody,a poartally good Space walz and finally a good main theme for the forth movement with good final climaxing theme.It took 10 years to fix all that to a work of Beethoven masterpiece level in 2017.Now Im proud.Its realy ok probably for Beethoven in musicians heaven also.I guess real son of Beethoven its not Brahms like he thought and musicians of his period,its probably me.A bit late I know... .In video you see a lot of beautiful Galaxies and nebulae .Biggest artist is God if there is one definetly.photo material is free for publication by Nasa / Hubble etc and ESA.Thank you.The enourmous space openess and fredom of space I tried to describ e by the open ending with Alphorns or stron horn section theme as answetr to question of outer space.

GOLDEN WALZ DREAM - 10 Symphonic Walzes by O.F.D ( final 2014 )

Golden Walz Dream = Goldener Walzertraum I wrote in 2008 in first version as aswer to Johann Strauss Eduard Strauss and Johann Strauss Junior or Lehar and Jaques Offenbach and Tschaikowsky who sold a lot of music.In contact to Vienna Philharmonics later to Salzburg Opera ball I thought 1 billion TV viewers each year at Silvester.There is a market.Maybee they accept some new good walzes.This contains als "Oba heit is koid" - Walz of famous Munich "Rathaus Glockenspiel" and a rather sophisticated version of Bayern 3 Radio theme as Walz ( both old and gema free ).In 2014 I rerecorded evrything rearranged.In addition I wrote in REHA in Bad Heilbrunn staying cause of a mind stroke in small vegetative brain the Rehabilitation Walz Nr.4 of 10.Overall its certainly as good as Nutcracker suit of Tschaikowsky or Strauss Dynasty work.Only Blue Danube is maybee somthing special in this direction.But i tried hard to reach it.Meanwhile Salzburg opera ball in time after Alexander Pereira is cancelled unfortunatelly.Mince.Vienna calling ?

Fruehlings Erwachen
Blueten Walzer
Rehabilitations Walzer
Serpentinen Walzer
Walzer der Debutantinnen
Auf und nieder
Walzer der Engel / Engels Walzer
Solang der Alte Peter Walzer ( Bearbeitung )
Oba heit is koid Walzer ( Muenchner Glockenspiel / Bearbeitung )