Tonal Klassische und Unterhaltungs Komposition – Auftragskomposition / Classical and entertainment composition – composition by order – by O.F.D Oliver Frederic Dieck

Oliver Frederic Dieck / O.F.D – the leading tonal music composer /2016

I m born in Munich / Germany with german parents in 1964 Looking like 35 .I’m dark blond with olive green eyes and 180 cm hight,  tall and slim , composing and researching autodidactycally like Haydn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wagner , Lennon,Stevie Wonder , Elton John  .. since my 5th birthday with first good composings in age of  11 .No drugs , no crimes , interested in women for founding an orchestra.Most important ready or almost ready results Symphonies 5 and 6 ,Sunset Jazconcerto,The World Ethno concerto,Musical Unknown Siluettes ,some works of Black Enough,Strange Rock Songs,Future World are in the pipeline for new recordeing rearranged in finl version soon.Evrything else you can hear online in life production quality at least.Please accept that im not Thomas Blug Stratocaster,Martin Engelien Bass or anotrher world class studio musician.I do evrything by myself without expensive studio equippement useing my brain.Perfection ? I do my best but….Its your turn.Im the composer / arranger / low cost producer…not the orchestra !
01.CD: 25 Early pianoworks Jeunesse / Jugend version 2013 based on works beginning with 11
02.CD: En Famille 18 Historical European Christmas / Children themes in classical setting
03/4.CDs: Eden Serenades 7 Strinquartett movements each,
1.Nympheas (1988),2.Schwertlilien(1995),3.Strelizien(2008),4.Calla(2012)
05.CD: 1. Symphony Genius / Genie and 2. Venus ,1. Piano Concert Strasbourg (V.2015) accepted for Eu Parliament per personal letter by President Eu Parl.Nicole Fontaine.
06.CD: 3. Symphony Eclipse / Sonnenfinsternis,1 Violin Concerto Elegance with add
07.CD: 4. Symphony The Rhine / Der Rhein,1. Church Organ Concert “Vita” updated
08.CD: 5. Symphony Galaxy / Galaxie ( final version 2009 ) ,Golden Walzdream / Goldener Walzertraum( 10 symphonic walzes V. 2014 )
09.CD: 6. Symphony and Seepferdchen Schubert / Brahms style art songs ( version 2012 ).
10.CD: 7. Symphony ISAR 2015
11.CD: 1. Oratory Deus Genitor Mundi 7 moves ( 1991,final 2013)
12.CD: 1. Ethno / Soundtrack The World / Die Welt(1995) with UN Hymn Peace is a win of culture updated 2012 / 16 moves
13.CD: 1.Jazz concerto Sunset (1978 – 1995 )/15 final verion in 2016
14/15 CDs: 1.Musical Siluettes ready end 2015 / 30
16/17 CDs: Hiphop R&B Black Enough completelly updated end 20165 /34
18.CD: Rock Strange Rock Songs completelly updated end 2016 /20
19.CD: Europop Europe completlly updated 2014 2016 6 added /26
20.CD: Techno / Trance Future World (final version 2014)/ 14
21.CD: Brit Pop style Golden Age completelly updated in 2014 /20 s
22/23/24 CDs 1. Opera “Veritas” ( 1991- 2013) 30 airs / ouverture

Music composing by order / working in team –  band :

Im working as tonal composer / arranger / low cost producer  on elite best level.Im keyboarder and singer playing evrything by myself but not on same level with help of computers to fix it.Are you the band the soloist the performer ? Then contact me building the team working.I do not Bavarian Brass “Blasmusik” Trash punk or dull Schlager but almost evrything else quite good.Naturally I like to do international or national Pop Rock Electro R&B music especially if I can earn some money with it.Quality range is up to best Bach Händel  quality or Mozart  Beethoven Brahms Mendelsohn Schubert Puccini Wagner but new as real know how follower.I  would like to compose music and to write for you as performer label organisation town or theater / orchestra idf you want contcting me .

Online with more than 400 music works :  , 40 Selection :

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