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EUROPE - 2014 22 best Europop songs / deutsch englisch europaeisch by O.F.D

Europe Album of 2014 is based on early european pop composings of mine in 80ths and additive new ones .Eu Pop ,Schlager,Chanson ,Canzone.Two people inspired of love I wrote in 2000 in clinic Augsburg to proove that one of the best music composers in reality and not a suicider at all like mad policemen nazis were insisting of to end my law studies examinations.As result this clinc payed this song for al dayclinic s in Germany as feast checking my Iq and so on paying my application programmer in the fast lane.Nexte tim : fisrst checking then acting ! My IQ officially Hawik test for adults even under Seroquel tranquillizer was more than 140,( not rediculous british Mensa bullshit ).But in that clinic I began to paint with first good results.They want to forget evrything..Police.... Bautzen or still Dachau for SPD heads ? Abba is realy good but all in all im better... Right treatment ?

A thanks for happyness
Angleseyes ( Basical version from 1987 was for Brenda Brunner, President Bill Clinton cousin.My girlfriend )
So voellig angepasst
Darjeeling und Verfassungsschutz - Real Event Bavaria 2012 - Bavarian language ! )
Und ich frag Dich ob Du bleibst
Sweet Charlene
Weils Liebe ist
Rotes Kleid
Je veux voir les yeux de toi
Two people inspired of love
Love is more than tenderness
Wann werd ich Dich wiedersehn