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EN FAMILLE - 20 children and christmas / Kinder und Weihnachts songs for strings by O.F.D version 2012 soon 2017

Those movements are not composed by myself and free traditionals but arranged naturally.Sometimes I added some bars adequatelly or was realy working on it. In my youth I have learned from Reiners Theme of my much older brother Reinhards but he was realy against my century talent for political and historical reasons reasons.I wrote additive parts cause I learned from it in my early youth.Major part is more or less by Reiner.He gave his Ok by phone in 2008 but we have no contact since 1993 normally.Its last part now.In need I will cut this out.it I wrote it ready more or less and he was giving his OK by phone in 2008.The other parts are new settings for violin quartett of best and most common historical children and christmas songs free cause author is dead for more than 70 years.The history of this work makes laughing : Studeing law at Augsburg oppressed I was sitting at Professor Mettke head of students orchestra at Augsburg in tone setting cours 3 of 4 ( Prof. Suttner Munich Nr 4 now )as guest.When Bernd Mettke was presenting a quite rediculous version of "Der Mond ist aufgegangen " as worst Jazz work made by Seifert in 1965 ( Im born 1964 looking 20 years younger ) I was asking : Is it allowed to do also a setting as guest like the others.And I did it.In Bach quality.This was in 1994 with some further settings the beginning of En Famille.Later Bernd Mettke said You are makeing me rediculous here.Those guys are only learning music teacher for grammar school about.Nobody will hear their results.But they will tak the tes even if its mill...When I saw him last time my maybee daughter Julia Fischer was giing her first concerto in Augsburg Schillstrasse.She was 12 I I was givin Schwertlilien to Mettke Suttner Cramer and co... It was first time that I heard her name.then they proposed to marry when she was 15 then they told to me in details this is your daughter made in Gauting when she was 21....Im not mad and not a criminal.Which truth is needed ? Mettke said : why you habve thrown nuclear bomb on us as last word.I gave my works then to Mr. Zenhetmayr personally ( minister for culture Bavaria ) personally at Augsburg and to UNA president Reinhard Blum who is playing classical instruments too doing economics normally.He wrote officially a letter to Augsburg musicians chief Kramer concerning my work...Thats life.

Der Mond ist aufgegangen
Alle meine Entchen
Abendsegen ( Humperding )
Adeste Fidele
Kommet ihr Hirten
Sur le pont D'Avignon
Kommt ein Vogel geflogen
Als Maria durch ein Dornwald ging
Es wird scho glei dumpa
Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
Leise rieselt der Schnee
Stille Nacht,Heilige Nacht
Haenschen klein
Still still still weil Kindchen schlafen will
Oba heit is koid ( Muenchner Rathaus Glockenspiel )
Reiner Theme