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EDEN - 4 string serenades 28 movements 7 each by O.F.D ( 1988 - 2018 updated Demo version of 2012 )

Nympheas ( 1-7 / 1988 )

Schwertlilien ( 8 - 14 / 1994 )

Strelizien ( 15 - 21 / 2008 )

Calla ( 22 -28 / 2012 )

Completely reedited corrected rerecorded partly in Demo version too.

The four string quartetts of EDEN are consisting of 28 movements devided in four concertos with 7 movements each.First Nympeas was first tonal classical work composed in 1988-89 studeing economics / marketing LMU in Munich where Im born,being chief of Juso SPD Youth democrats group till 1990 there.First 2 movements at least extremly good were composed basically sitting in Nymphenburg castle park in north of Munich.There Duke Royal highness Franz of Bavaria house Wittelsbach is actually living.Those mouvements were a severe shock to me before of Reunification of Germany.In Bavaria almost evrybody is educated that children of SS ,Gestapo ,Waffen - SS,SS-SD ( BND )are the Nazi problem ,probably the protestant prussians but not siccillian madness katholic Bavarian tradition without genius... My pa more or less unknown to me was a little Waffen SS front soldier in group of Günther Grass with 17 ( nobelprice owner and later SPD democrats activist ).To much...But im completelly the opposite of that.Im only hereditary best quality selection.Nazi is politics ! ( CSU,NSU,REP,NPD AFD...Meanwhile I know.As friend of Monet / Nympheas I took the name Nympheas therefore.Next Quartett Nr. 2 was fullfilling the tradition called Schwerlilien / Iris following to Vincent's van Goghs masterpiece in 1993-1994.In 2008 I added inspired by Munich 850 years feast Strelizien Nr.3 and finally in 2012 Calla.All movements witch can be interpreted by a singer are also airs in Opera Veritas. Unfortunatelly the Duke has protected my copyright officially with letter ( Baron B. ) in about 2004.Later via Roland Berger consulting group signed by Karin Berger now owned by french Deloitte in 2008 concerning several airs of Opera Veritas.But there was no further activity or support... Overall its a quality and stylistical answer to Four Seasons of Vivaldi or Bachs air ,Haendel concerto grossi,Haydns Emperors string quartett and Little Night Music of Mozart in string quartett dimension .Completely reedited corrected rerecorded and replaced by better mouvements inp payed version 2018.