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ECLIPSE ( Sonnenfinsternis ) - 3.Symphony / 3.Sinfonie final 2015 by O.F.D

Eclipse this means in german Sonnenfinsternis was describeing the full eclipse 1999 in western Europe in 4 movements.First movement was made tying to compose an answer to G - flat Symphony of Mozart.In the beginning chords are quite similar.But my theme is maybee better and quite diferent.Version 2015 is rerecorded and finally rearranged with better brass sounds too.This work was in first version like violin concerto ready in 2000 when I was set into clinic Augsburg to avoid my law examination as suizider by criminal terrorists police.Obviously lesbian / gay groups ( are you George Michael also... ? and mad dominas cicles played a role too in hate.Oh they are realy mad ! Im not a suizder definetly and not schitzophren... Maybee it was insistiuing in Freud theory of perversion as source of intelligence or special interlectual talent.Its rubbish.I was requesting stop of Mrs. Kurz as leading Medicin,obviously a millitant lesbian hateing obviously men's genius.She was in large scale responsible for my torture experience ending my examinations in law in Bavaria.Based on that they have payed my application programmer IHK in fast manner cause of my seldom IQ.I dream to make my examination and professor for official administrativre law in another country of Germany At best online...My old professors woul support this as far as I know.But its payed.To much...Both assistents of her Dr.Huber and a woman told to me that she are for me and that my composing is quite good as far as a medicin can evaluate this.But her chief dangerous Kurz doesnt like me...definetly for private reasons. Truth are best seldom men and Bach www.bach.de on earth ! Ever. ELEGANCE - 1.Violin concerto 4. movements / Violinkonzert final 2015 by O.F.D

1.Violin concerto Elegance - this is French and means elegance ( english ).has a remarkable history.First time music Prof.Mettke Augsburg gave me the info concerning young violin talent Julia Fischer.studeing at Augsburg Leopold Mozart conservatory till an age of 9 when she was got special admission to Muenchner Musik Hochschule ,she now 12 was giving a test concerto in front of 6 music professors there which are teaching teachers only at Augsburg normally.Among them Prof Suttner Munich and Mettke.I told that my casanova pa 3 times married with a lot of girlfriends as standard was told to be a children abuser by a polish girlfriend with daughter.As far as we know there was no truth in it at all but a wrong marriage proposal of my married father with my brother and sister actually married with my mum.I said I will not follow to a to a too young lady definetly.This in 1994.Then a man was inviteing me via students service Munich ( easy work for students financement ,I did all studies in 11 years based on that only.)in 1998.Evry student of that time knew in Munich that Im chief of Juso SPD Youth / SPD at LMU university and that Im important composer,doing this normally waiting for a job there.The oldaged man Frank Peter Fischer was working with me concerning bathroom things.At noon we went to his home near to Dachau to eat something.Then he was asking to deposite my suitcase with bureau / composings under the desk of Ma Fischer.He said she was jewish now she is my wife and katholic.She is musician too : Viera Fischer / Piano.I told to them that I have got a robbery officialy by jews,that I was put back to Germany from France as suizider and that I lost sceduled composer career with Mariah Carey as result.Then this Ma has forbitten her house to me.But before of that Pa Fischer at the desk at home said: Hmm Mariah Carey thats Utopia now for you.She is world star you you are here.But my daughter Julia Fischer ( 15 ) is sitting over there.She is playing violin at Munich Music University since an age of 9 with special admission.Then he was ordering a website and I regretted learning this simultanouesly by myself.And the violin concerto .His proposal was a more pop music work like Vanessa Mae who was selling a lot of CDs in that time.I said this is a porn.I will not do that but a work equivalent to Tschaikowsky, Brahms,Mendelsohn performed by synthesizer at first.And this is what I did in first version 1998 .In addition I said she is 15 now ,I will return if she is old enough.When I was hearing her performing Vivaldi Four seasons In Nymphenburger Schlosss Castle - Hubertussaal in Bavarian Television I came sending an Email immideatelly.But then Frank Peter Fischer told to me : This is your biological daughter...and I checked the data.Then her ma is Dorothea Riekert my first girlfriend in Gauting where she is born.We used A-Gen 53 Schaum Zaepfchen protection instead of condoms after first time cause her parents insisted on that russian roulette protection.Still quite fat but loveley Dorle - Dorothea Riekert and me we were waiting for her days between about September and December 1982.At 23. Dezember 1982 one day before of Christmas Dorle throw me out of her life at Muenchner Freiheit Christmas Market Munich.Julia Fischer is blond like Dorle and me ,green eyed like me,with smal beautiful ears like mine.Germany's youngest professor.Subject music violin.I m probably genius of the century main competence music composeing.Julia is born at Gauting near to Munich the 15 Juin 1983.It can realy be.She is believeing in strong believers jewish claiming of music and all intelligence for their germs,hereditary line of Ma and russian drill with new parents educated by communists.Not in my family jewels or truth of Johann Sebastian Bach www.bach.de official God and tribe of music from father to son.On the other hand : when I went to Strasbourg studeing there at elite university ULP 1990 -92 gay Thomas Hegeman and militant women's movement Alice Schwarzer told in ZDF TV that all my profesors ( sciences economiques / gestion = ecomonmics ) are gays at other side of Rhine.All those shown to me have educated me.There were rather friendly inviteing me in their University professors band.I have no evidence for gay lesbian structures.Concerning my colegue Mariah Carey as sceduled main composer for her career and inventor of her h of Mariah in 1986 at Munich when she was visiting her Ma Patricia operasinger they informed me that she is a trans sexual.We spoke also concerning marriage but she was sweet 16 American.Door for me was shut in 1993 when Walter Affanassief took my place completelly.Germans or other militant secret service like acteurs were destroying this opportunity to me mad desinformation inclusively.They dont need important truthes like me hateing that by ideology or mad believe definetly.So why my proposed by evrybody fiancee shouldnt be my daughter to kill our marriage and co working ? Im lutheran hetero and genius and me bymyself.On the other hand my nick name in Strasbourg was not professor like in my youth.It was Charlegmagne Karl the Great first emperor of Europe founder of Germany France Benelux etc our father in Christianity.Im realy for Europe.But This man was produced at Gauting in Germany.King Pippin made it visiting this old town.And he got news years later.... ( !! ) In deed Im complettelly all Europe in borders of Charlemagne and its daughters.Maybee for cultural reasons only...Who am I ?... Otto of Habsburg tried to get in personal contact during more than a decade also with Wilibald.Am I Hohenzollern ? Dont know.Im Social Democrat SPD and rather good,obviously hated by mad people called Mossat ? KGB ? Checka ? Mischa Wolf ?

Concerning the work : First movement was too much for me on piano with keyboard with violin sound.Therefore it was rather unprecise in ealy versions.In addition main theme was near to clarinets concerto of Mozart.Therfore I did slow a lot of reforms on this work.Meanwhile its ready and dedication to Julia Fischer insisting of Saturn world how it seems deleted like Beethoven did with Eroica former Napoleon.First movement is quite nice in Terz movements.Second movement is extremly idle and as good as Beethoven violin concerto.Third movement needs a bit virtuosity and ist quite good also better than tonal Mendelsohn,Schumann,Brahms,Tschaikowsky concernin music composing not concerning virtuosity.Inspite of probability of severe mani pulation and desinformation war by secret services aswholes Julia's face / background is violated.If this is not my daughter we will never get in contact again probably out of my initiative.If she is my biological daughter then I request at United Nations Un UNESCO to use her backside as drum offficially to show whats my opinion concerning importance of my father jewels on this earth