Welcome at HCN :

OliverFredericDieck Fri, 08/05/2016 - 02:40

HCN www.helpful-contacts.net is a Europe based free dreams start up social network, for helpful people who want to help cause they can : Here you can post WISHES .Those are demanded favors ,witch are of key importantce for your dream project , but witch are not a bigger problem for a honest friendly individuals if those are the right ones to help for you dream project for free.Don't post your sexual dreams or other things which are not made for official world.I will not do any abuse of your data.I need your contact data only for security of this net and proper working of the idea. But what you are posting here is on top for a while evrywhere on GOOGLE probably.Post what is advertiseing for you and your protected idea.Do at least a self recommended letter.In not technical field this is enough to make a proof saveing  your rights completelly in the verry need.It's about helping each other vice versa makeing dreams projects real and makeing world a better place by helping cause you can.

Yours sincerly Oliver  O.F.D - www.o-f-d.de / www.o-f-d.com