INTERNALS : At Internals you find HCN news / Changes / Rules and how to use iside HCN. 

HCN-NEWS onsite is a additive outside HCN service here voicing European political view staying in the middst politically.It should develop to a full online newspaper for Europe ,serious midst of scale,accepting journalists as redactors.  

HCN is a dreams start up social net : Here you can post demanded favors witch are of key importance for your dream project but witch are not a bigger problem for a honest friendly idividual if this is the is the right one to help for you dream project for free.  

Your posts are real articles and called WISHES here. 

To post WISHES you must create an account giving your Email Address.Data are safe and free of use elswhere by H.C.n.Naturally I cant be resposible for CIA / NSA / Hackers... scene measures.This system is still hardened.But...  

To develop useful WISHES articles you have a tool onsite : PROJECTS-POSTING-COACH To develop inovative projects you are free to use CROSS-SCIENTIFFIC tool onsite,as long as you respect copyright of O.F.D ( telling to public at least )or other authors on  

Reading books of EDVARD DE BONO on Lateral Thinking is not bad for you to learn to resolve problems finally in unusual way.But caution ! This man wrote one book in 25 books about.Go in your library.I can scan this in a day completelly more or less in the verry need.Then I need vaccancies.If you have to invest more time its not wasted time.DALE CARNEGIE MAKEING FRIENDS can also be useful if you need people like in most scenarious.  

SUPPORT : IF YOU need internet programming and video SUPPORT then there is a tool onsite : WEB-VIDEO-SUPPORT.It leads to OFD internet programmierung by O.F.D  

COMMENTS are not possible here to stop spamming you can create own articles only as MEMBER and communicate directly. In addition nobody can shoot on your dream project reduceing your self confidence officially. MOBBING is strictly forbidden here and a reason for ACOUNT DELETION.  

To prevent ABUSE love and business words are mostly blocked.Business and love abuse posts as well as criminal post will be deleted acount inclusively when detected.If you want to do something honest in this fields use the most serious words.HCN - is relaunched in a rather optimized sophisticated form in August 2016 cause there were organised business talmi fake problems based in Asia and East Europe.If you are detecting a problem like that here than inform me please to protect this service keeping it working for you.  

Use LANGUAGE you like.But its a Europe based platform.English,French,German is best for me to control but also for you to reach somebody. RESPONSIBILITY for posts and projects not made by O.F.D is excluded apart from duty as webmaster to oppress crimes here.  

MUSICIANS : If you are a musician then you are quite lucky here.O.F.D is one of the best music composers / arrangers on planet.Probably also in your style. If you are realy good then we can work together if you like to perform professionally. 

MUSIC-COMPOSER-OFD onsite shows more than 400 music videos composed by O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck to you organised in Cds ,Double Cds or triple CDs online.A 40 works selection you find at . As musician this net is still usefull for you too.Would you like to recommend O.F.D ? Thank you.  

DONATIONS and PRIVATE BUSINESS PARTNERS are necessary and welcome.Please use Infos at Impressum.  

SPONSORSHIP / ADVERTISEING : Presenting your ADVERTISEING BANNER advertiseing banner onsite is a possible szenario for financement of


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