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Oliver Frederic Dieck - O.F.D is responsible webmaster and founder of HCN .He is of O.F.D internet programmierung situated in Augsburg Germany ( TAX ).

Oliver Frederic Dieck - O.F.D is born in 1964 in Munich Germany as lutheran blond man green eyed slim 180 cm hight quite vital looking decades younger.

Oliver Frederic Dieck is a multitalented individual: Chief redactor of a Munich school political medium left independant journal Hors 'd oeuvre .Finally extremly seldom A-level Baccalaureat Full Abitur " Bavarian Abitur for not pupils" in 1987 as only true one in Bavaria.1988 entering SPD / Democrats Germany beeing JUSO SPD youth chief at LMU - Ludwig Maximilian University Munich Germany studeing enterprise economics.Then Strasburg France ULP - Universite Louis Pasteur DEUG en francais in scienes economiques / gestion and in addition French Elite Course ENSETTE as guest.Further law studies at Augburg University and guest at Munich.Last but not least Application programmer / IHK Bavaria 2003.2006 founding of O.F.D internet programmierung of the activities of this small enterprise is HCN -

But you cannot get Oliver Frederic Dieck without knowing his main skills : O.F.D has a quite good basic IQ ,is interested in almost evrything in science and arts and he is in his verry heart music composer starting in his 5th year on earth presenting results beginning with 11.Meanwhile he is quite leading in tonal music composing.But chec it by yourself at or as 40 selection at .

Oliver knows perfectly how important a lending hand opening the right door can be for careers and that objective quality is sometimes not the key argument in fact even beeing of professional level. Even Oliver has one further dream : A beautiful talented wife to rise a family and an orchestra.But its definetly not the key question in this new social net.

HCN - should connect helpful friendly people on planet makeing real project dreams of talented or inspired people. Data of HCN are not going to use by advertiseing industry or for any kind of other use outside of HCN.Its not a small Facebook connecting potentionally evrybody.Its not Google + as well.Its not Myspace former musician net.its not a small career XING or Linkedin .Its not made for love industry ,professional finacement industry ,head hunter industry ,corruption networking or business fakes abuse spam.It should be advertiseing for the idea to help friendly if you can help maybee getting it back in the end in a better world on earth makeing friends.It's the organised experiance to help somebody winning a real friend. Its a new social net which should organise friendly help for free to make dreams real and it should grow.