Who has a project as dream for his life needs help of friedly people to get the right chances.Most of those especialy creative people is not rather logical in streategy steps needed for this.To avoid spam articls and to help you to produce an article witch is demanding a special important key favor for your project witch is not please give me a million Euros I give theses questions for developement of your WISH article ready for positing :


01) What project I want to do in one up to two sentences.

02) Who ,Where ,What, When ,How...wants to do this

03) What are your resources today

04) What I have to bring in to be adequate to this plan in reality.

05) What is the resonable logical order of 10 small steps to take as strategy.

06) What can others do for this helping ,giving references,contacts,know how,solution or info for a problem...

07) Who can it do for you precisely

08) What is an acceptable helping favour for those and a key favour for your sceduled project.

09) What is the verry truth and what is a strategical presentation of your demand in an article.

10) How I can say my key demand in one sentence as tilte of the article.( Copyright O.F.D 2016 )


Further : You have to know who you realy are and what are your relevant skills .An error on that can be fatal. In reality economics are important not only arts or something sensational.Sometimes a businessplan is necessary.The critical realistical view is more productive in the end.On the other hand you need a strong self confidence witch is based on reality.Small projects can give power and experience for bigger projects. Nobody forces you to start with biggest part.You will have enough people who wants to tear you down to their level.

Try to do the most out of evry resource you can get and do evrything witch minimum of resources if they are free for you One of your ressouces is time.You can do 80 % with 20 % work by sophisticated selction.Some things are details needing much time.Decide when its worth your power investment and when its neccessary or your duty.

To optimize your power and discipline a plan is useful.Often even a businessplan is needed to plan convincingly the break event point of investment. 

But somtimes  psyche is quite important.Please stay away from churches advertiseing in this field.I'm from Germany.In Germany you can learn AUTOGENICAL TRAINING 1.level ( detention ) and 2.level ( selfeducation ) with a doctor in group payed by state more or less in some weeks.For half of mankind it works perfectly.

( Copyright content studies of economics in Munich Germany LMU and Strasbourg France ULP ,own experience )

Hope you 've enjoyed my writeing.Feel free to develop your article now .And good luck !

Yours sincerly O.F.D