Updated Big Bang Perpetuum Mobile / Multiple Big Bang scenario by O.F.D

1) If the universe is in an exploding relation between Big Bang energy and gravity of masses then the universe will not implode finally.The growth will be slower and slower and finally come to a standstill.This is the common theory.
2) If the universe is in an imploding relation between Big Bang energy and gravity of masses then the slower and slower comeing to an end.This would be the clear hint for a singularity as single Big Bang as beginning of space materia and time.But I gues that this effect is caused only by the fact that the gravity between masses of planets and galaxies etc are depending inverse proportionally on growing distances.This would mean that the expanding is determinded by two forces decreasing both.But then its most probable that the effect of masses and gravity would come to an end in practise and the energy witch came from big bang will run out with a time shift based on the gravity effect.
3) But then its most probably that this will start a new Big Bang and that this is a real Pepetuum Mobile forever.
4) Then evry cycle with a new universe with new laws o f physics in details is different each time and formed along the chaos butterfly effect and this world is only one episode in a lot of cycles telling us maybee not much concerning the next one ! Most universes are only stable for milliseconds.Otheres for billions of years then like others.In this case nothing following to a detailed religious plan by God cause its more or less automatical with a lot of hazard and accident in details up to individual natural laws of each stable universe.If this can be true then our calculations must examine several possibilities of ceteris paribus changes concerning fundamental constants which are potentionally stable like our universe.There is also a more religious possibility that only this combination of constants can be a stable universe and only this can establish.Then we are not beings sceduled by God in detail as his image like it is traditionally for christian churches and for some other believes.Thosedays it seems that Big Bang was a singularity .In detail we see by red shift effect of Salzburg born Doppler that there is a tendency those days of our universe to grow faster and faster till there is no gravity to hold it back which is called Big Rip end.If this is not a sideline effect in a complex szenario of different forces and phases we will not have a new Big bang and so on Perpetuum Mobile.Like I mentioned first in „Proove for God“ a decade ago believers can argument how it seems that there is not a single thing living witch was formed out of dead things by man only beings out of beings .Living is mabee given by God.I didnt knew the work of Mr Wolfgang Priester = priest ! with Mr. Joachim Blome who have invented at Bonn where Beethoven was born Big Bounce.The crunch of Universe is invention by him.Perpetuum Mobile szenario in a new Big Bang by myself.

Copyright by Oliver Frederic Dieck bit updated 2014