Some solutions for world environment CO2 heating and energy problem by O.F.D

Now we see changes in the weather which are definetly caused by mankind heading for a catastrophy.A lot s produced by cutting the woods as oxygen producer and Co2 consumer and Co2 production by oxidation of fossil energy carriers like oil and charcoal.To reach this spheres where Co2 is speeding heating of earth and melting down of north and southpole ice needs one or two decades normally.But Kerosin airplanes are much faster unfortunatelly.Out of  general discussion O.F.D solution versions :
MEASURE 1 : Force and develope hydrogenengine airplanes and cars instead of kerosin and gas.Kerosin airplanes are one of the most intense climate threats.Cars are also important cause of huge amount of poluters.
MEASURE 2 : For this we need a a high nanotechnique density ceramical isolateing material.It’s for keeping hydrogen gas in pipelines,energy plants cars and airplanes to make hydrogen technique competitive heading for a switch to hydrogen technique instead of oil ,gas and char cole for vehicles plants and airplanes.
MEASURE 3 : The pollution by hydrogen airplanes is simply water like the pooring rain.But there is a technical security problem I have two solution strategies to resolve this : One hand it at best possible to load only Helium and to change it into h gas in an easy way in the engine by a katalysator.Than we have no explosion danger in cars and airplanes.
MEASURE 4 : On the other hand it could be useful to look for a katalysator for the sourounding surfaces of the h gas in cars and arplanes witch is surpressing the reaction between h and o gas and an dangerous explosion.
MEASURE 5 : For production some researchers developed the use of algae anaerobical salty sea water plants in water filled glas columbs under the sun produceing h gas.
MEASURE 6 : Some researchers proposed some years ago to produce energy by solar technique or photovoltaique producing H gas for cars and airplanes in the south near the desserts cause of the greater efficiency there and the low price for land there out of potable water using electrolysis.That would produce Oxygene gas to better our athmosphere and Hydrogene gas for use.Useing h gas for planes and airplanes would cause absolutelly no poissonment of the environment,but this costs atmosphere oxygene like evry heating oxidation.
MEASURE 7 : More than half of the energy of a produced car is outside cover carrosserie.This takes a huge amount of energy.Its enough to produce steel for engine etc but not for outside of a car.This can be done with Harz polymere plastics with less weight.A new type should be reorganiced as granulate ,pressed in new forms at a temperature of about 300 degrees celsius for example.This is enough.As basic material you can use also artificial green oil.Forbid normal carosseries made of steel and waste.
MEASURE 8 : A Transrapid / Maglev net is also a measure to use less airplanes.
MEASURE 9 : Concerning highways I propose to collect salty water in wintertime for filtered re-use next wintertime and to use only sea salt for this.The huge amount of salt could have an effect on Northpole via Gulf stream etc.
MEASURE 10 : The plans to produce energy not by useing oil or charcoal but by sun in northern Africa or south Europe for example are good ones,as well as by wind and by tides.This is good for all and effective.
MEASURE 11 : Apart from those forbidden flourid coal hydrogen sprays most radical destroyer of Ozon layer is rising up “Methan” gas.It is also important for climate heating.To stop this we need international laws to cover all cow and cattle etc plants as kind of closets with a simple riseing Methan gas separation roof for using this gas and for protecting the atmosphere.
MEASURE 12 : Further forbidding of use of fresh shit containing methan gas on the fields for agricultural fertilisation before of simple drying under a simple riseing “Methan” gas separation roof in agriculture.
MEASURE 13 : Last but not least we need a international law for use details of methan gas ice in the oceans and developement of huge flexible and simple plastic tents for a canalisation of gas eruptions caused by climate rise of temperatures or use of this ice.
MEASURE 14 : Protection of large oxygen reservoirs like Bresil and sibirian Russian and USA and scandinavian woods as well as climate cooler and oxygen producer and last but not lest Co2 consumers against climate heating effect.Wordldwide effects on climate with stormy and most dry weather or other changes are related to this.A punishment with 20 years in prison and international control for burning down large woods even for agricultural use is needed and a internationa payment help to keep those woods alive.
MEASURE 15 : For each car and other exhaust implement a water or fluid box.The gas should be led through the water or fluid via a douche like construction to enlarge the surface of the gas reacting with the water or fluid.The result is much cleaner exhaust gas. In this szenario you have to exhange regularyly the water or more effective fluid binding co2 gas at a station.
MEASURE 16 : Wind parks in northern and southern and Sun energy parks in subtropical regions.
MEASURE 17 : One O.F.D tower for a group of par exampe 5- 12 windmills a tower to save the energy like described in physics part.
MEASURE 18 : O.F.D Energy laser pipelines like described in physics part.
MEASURE 19 : Protection Taxes for goods produced along reasonable seponsble economical standards to move other regions forward if they want to get in in developed markets
MEASURE 20 : Charcoal energy plants have to be filtered concerning C and Co2 by law and reduced at first brown charcoal then black charcoal.

( Copyright apart from marked foreign ideas by O.F.D version 2014 )