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Black enough - 30 top Uspop Hiphop Rap R&B Soul hits composed by O.F.D

This album is grown consisting of 30 best works in several decades in demo versions here. International ,Sent by God,Show me the way to make you happy,Reasons to love you Sunny ray sent from heaven,Funky music makes it better,Magic in the air,Forever Bijoux,I found you ..and a lot of other stuff I actually wrote for Mariah Carey.I met her in Munich in 1986 managed by her ma Patricia Munich Opera singer.I was inventing "h" of her artist name.But finally I couldnt believe in her 5 octaves without contract and rehersal.And they did first CD Vision of love with rest team of composers.Then Walter Afanassiev took my place.In that time producer also and I stayed in Europe doing a lot of studies devellopeing symphonies of biggest importance.Songs like Joy,Love that is the way to build a better world,Countries of the doves maybee Its more than that.. I wrote in respect of Stevie Wonder.How it seems he settled one of his studio singers Judy Cheeks ( Love is in flight of album Woman in red ) in house of my ma in Munich where my synthesizer was standing.I would say whole quarter knew my music... as friedly help.Songs like Secret Lover Reasons to love you ,Joana... are composed in respect for famous Nile Rodgers / Berhard Edvards ( Chic,Sister Sledge,David Bowie,Madonna,Diana Ross,Daft Punk lot of others. )Number one and some others are composed as reaction to Madonna works like Papa dont preach and so on.Its wellknown that she was looking for realy good composers with her team even if Orbit was compareing them with good paying mad CIA.You used to torture was composed cause Fantastische 4 of Germany ( Die Da Die Da oder Die Da quite rediculous its level of your Metro Rap artists but german and big in Germany contacted me.They said : Ok best composer living .We have heard all 137 recordings at old Besonic.It bullshit up to now.....They have one song and to much Marihuana.Fab 4 are the Beatles definetely .But actually I had no RAP there...You used to torture.Easy realy.Rap is words rest is r&B..! International
Show me the way to make you happy
Secret lover
Reasons to love you
You used to torture Rap
Sent by God
Love that is the way to build a better world
Forever Bijou
Die Liebe ist die Macht
Sunny ray sent from heaven
Funky music makes it better
Its more than that
I found you
Number one
Countries of the Doves
Velvet and silk