Dear G7 / G20 – 2021

I can understand that you want to keep licenses of private researchers.Its their right and possession ,but you want to give greatfully good vaccine against Corona to the poor on earth in large scale.We share one planet.Corona is evrywhere and we dont need further variations.We must stop this together.Secondly I want to inform you that current cables are a perfect heating system for planet.The responsible man is Professor Ohm…( He found it in nature…)without superconductivity of ceramics at least a lot of energy transforms to heat.Maybee you can fix this building special cables with can use this heat also for energy keeping it away from environment.Secondly I request that enterprises like Elisabeth Maria Schaeffler ( friended on facebook before ) are produceing energy / magnetical based no touch units to reduce transformation of cars and train energy by physical effect of friction withor without standard ball bearings.If you do this reasonably you can save a lot of energy.Next problem are brakes: I request that enterprises like Südbremse / Knorrbremse ( neighboor of my families home) are produceing new brake units witch are not based on friction ( heating / energy waste ) but on generators saveing the energy directly,Its quite easy in electro units cars or trains.Finally we need new secure h engines etc for our planet to stop global heating.With airplanes it doesnt take 20 years till gasses are rised to take bad effects definetly…I hope that we can return to normal business in peace with vaccines.Dont do the mistakes of last year again ! – Naturally we need arms reductions worldwide detention and the new tax law ( incredible ).Those who are critisizeing that German influence in Europe raises without Uk are right.But it is not our fault.Germany is with France one of the most powerful parts of Europe but not a hegemonial power and we dont want that.Sincerly Your Oliver Frederic Dieck Germany.

PS: Thanks for the love or sympathy in view of the about 22 years old Augsburg fine beauty at friday. I have dreamt of her, looking for someone. ,