Donald Trump Corona Corvid19 and the President’s elections

Normally it’s an element of well educated behaviour to wish health to an ill counterpart in presidency elections.Due to the strict Corona ignorance of Donald Trump and his Republicans without any common sense he felt in illness in partnership with several leading Republicans.Following to the media the supreme court date replacing liberal judge Ginsburg was the mega spreading event.Not easy to behave correctly.In my view its a fake to show that this illness is no real threat ( 200000 deaths in USA ) and to avoid next two TV events with honest Biden Democrats.All not primitive men on earth saw a brutal mad criminal following to no rules like an average idiot just around the corner acting like in show wrestling or American Footbal attacing a President format honest Biden .Even the honest conservative Fox News moderator had problems to explain discussion rules to this incredible president. Evrybody apart from Donald Trump saw this is an elephant near to the porzelain of diplomacy.Wrong man wrong level wrong place.He said he has won…..probably by Bizeps…Johnson Great Britain was quite different after his severe Corona attac.Maybee Donald Trump will change too.But knowing Donald Trump dealing inclusivly verry truth I say statistically Donald Trump is a liar.If its not an elections Donald Trump fake Corvid 19 ignorant Donald Trump age 74 and overweighted has realy other problems fighting for his life in deed.If he is loosing elections he will explain it by not existing manipulation and this Corona attac.If its true or not.I realy expect two further TV dates with honest Joe Biden as soon as possible ,this means after 10 days of quaratine of Donald Trump at least.

Oliver Frederic Dieck on AURORA

PS: I know that Donald Trump quite jewish had german roots like 20 % of Americans in the verry beginning and 30 % Britain roots on the other hand..As one of the mega minds of earth at least in music composing with most torpeded life by mad realy well organized people and as german christ I say : Im not violated in my face by german roots of jewish singer Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen for example,cause those are reasonable honest powerfull and friendly.