Congratulations to UN 75. anniversary !

Peace is a win of culture ! ( My Un anthem proposal ) – We have to learn it alltogether.This is the place to use best arguments and best behaviour in front of the world resolving most intense problems of earth and not the place for home propaganda theater or simple CIA lying like we saw with US republicans fooled US Minister Powel for foreign affairs.Its also not the place for Crustchew behaviour.Its most idle club of earth.We all ! – Make progress and reason for earth and our common future.You are the top level of earth and we have to obey to your resolutions and top organisations on earth if.You are not a department of anybody.Maybee we should change to two veto for one effective and a possiblility to evaluate each speaker by UN earth crowd delegates after each speach by vote if this was level of un to the facts or simply propaganda at least for at home.This is the place with international judges to resolve conflicts in civilised manner following to law and truth and not simply to force and violence.Make progress for reason and future on earth.Congratulations !

Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck on AURORA