Strange Rock songs - rock ( 1979- 2018 .I can change your life Nr2 written 79 originally,Gefuehl zu fallen written 1983 cause "Dorle" Dorothea Riekert throw me out at 23.12.82.They told me she was pregnant.Result : Prof.Julia Fischer Gauting Violin .When Julia was 15 they proposed her as my sceduled wife at home and I said to young now.But I started to compose Elegance Violin concerto in 1998 like demanded.Its more or less better than Brahms,Schumann,Tschaikowsky,Mendelsohn...Stasi information war ? Greetings to realy good Silbermond Steffi Kloss and sister Janet ( Schumann ) my chief in 2008 about in Augsburg at D&S,naturally to Thomas and Johannes and Novi.There are several albums more.My youth dear Sinfonie...and real Sinfonies of importance.)

Die Schauer in der Nacht
I can change your life
You know Im a winner
Eagles Life ( On My Way )
Einfach Gluecklich sein
Gefuehl zu fallen
Strange World
Nature is better
Don't fool us in Jesus name
Wild horizon of heart
Thats all I know
If you cant stay at my side
I just wanna make you smile
Diamonds are your eyes

Golden Age CD - Brit Rock Pop style : ( 2000 - 2014 final but You make me feel I wrote in 1985, Love me through the night soon rather updated even in hook line is from 1992 )

Angel of Mercy
Souvereign of loneley heart
Hey Girl I need you
Ways to Southern California
You make me feel
My love is true
Open Book
I wish freedom (
Love me till tomorrow ,love me through the night ( soon incredibly updated version )
Sunny Day
Golden Age
Hey not my sister

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