Strange Rock songs - rock :

Die Schauer in der Nacht
I can change your life
You know Im a winner
Eagles Life ( On My Way )
Einfach Gluecklich sein
Strange World
Nature is better
I just wanna make you smile
Don't fool us in Jesus name
Wild horizon of heart
If you cant stay at my side
Working class poverty
Gefuehl zu fallen
Diamonds are your eyes
( 1979- 2018 .I can change your life Nr2 written 79 originally,Gefuehl zu fallen written 1983 cause "Dorle" Dorothea Riekert throw me out at 23.12.82.They told me she was pregnant.Result : Prof.Julia Fischer Gauting Violin .When Julia was 15 they proposed her as my sceduled wife at home and I said to young now.But I started to compose Elegance Violin concerto in 1998 like demanded.Its more or less better than Brahms,Schumann,Tschaikowsky,Mendelsohn...Stasi information war ? Greetings to realy good Silbermond Steffi Kloss and sister Janet ( Schumann ) my chief in 2008 about in Augsburg at D&S callcenter as additionally work cause of 2008 crisis,naturally to Thomas and Johannes and Novi.There are several albums more.My youth dear Sinfonie...and real Sinfonies of importance mostly better than Haydn,Schuhmann,Brahms,Schubert,Mendelsohn,Tschaikowsky... Oliver O.F.D compsed and performed etc alone )

Golden Age CD - Brit Rock Pop style :

Angel of Mercy
Souvereign of loneley heart
Hey Girl I need you
Ways to Southern California
You make me feel
My love is true
Open Book
I wish freedom (
Love me till tomorrow ,love me through the night ( soon incredibly updated version )
Sunny Day
Golden Age
Hey not my sister

( 2000 - 2014 final but You make me feel I wrote in 1985, Love me through the night soon rather updated even in hook line is from 1992 )

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