Sunset 1. Jazz concert Jazz - 20 tunes :

Twilight ( dedicated to Democrats US President Bill Clinton SAX
Sunset ( 1984 originally by me )
International Jazz
Rosemarie sleeps on the beach ( 1979 originally by me for Rosemarie Stenzenberger SAX / OVMG Munich )
Sol Bossa Nova
Bresil Love ( 1980 originally by me)
Merry Christmas( 1980 originally by me)
Two mad saxophones ( 1980 originally by me)
The real thing
DNA Bossa Nova
Mistral ( Against Fart in Le Pen Land )
Sunset Funk
Sweeter than the night
As Israel was in Egypt's land ( traditional Gospel ...)
Over to you
Orange Skies

( 1979 - 2018 final soon professional version ) Twilight first Tune dedicated to Sax Jazzer political friend President Bill Clinton Democrats USA.His cousine following to her saying Brenda Brunner was my girlfriend in 1987 in Munich when Sax Jazzer Clinton was governor of Arkansas as Harwards best of the year when I took a wonder a-level Abitur in Bavaria in verry need.Bill take your sax and play.SPD / Democrats ! - datacheck