Future World - trance techno dance (updated - soon professional version to buy):

Camel Caravan
Upper World
Where are you now
Urban Voyage
Nelson Mandela
( soon Sky 2 )
Future World

Europa CD - Eu Pop Schlager Chanson Canzone ( 1980 - 2014 final )soon professional version

Sommerwind ( sceduled for people like Helene Fischer )
A thanks for happyness
Gefuehl zu fallen
Weils Liebe ist ( Veronica )
Je veux voir les yeux de toi
Rotes Kleid
Sweet Charlene
Und ich frag Dich ob Du bleibst
Two people inspired of love
Eternity of love
Darjeeling und Verfassungsschutz
So voellig angepasst

Those Recordings are not the new professional ones but remixed updated.Soon realy good "More" ( working title ),Wann werd ich Dich wiedersehen,Love is more than tenderness well recorded.Gefuehl zu fallen is composed for Dorothea Riekert frirst girlfriend at Gauting .Officialy she throw me out pregnant with youngest Prof Julia Fischer / Violin.Then Julia is my daughter thinking she is Russian etc Mossat ?!? But they do information war ,steeling,fakeing evrything.Realy criminals.Truth is maybee different.Angleseyes basical version of 1987 was for Brenda Brunner,US President Bill Clinton Sax Jazzer cousine like she said in German broken language.My girlfriend 1987.Two people inspired of love ( I wrote this in 2000 in Day clinic Augsburg to proove that I'm one of the best music composers in reality and not a suicider at all like police was requesting stopping my lawstudies examination by that after 7 years faceing examination with 30 sucessful tests up to now amost all.They tested in the end that my Iq is even under Seroquel for szizzo suiziders more than 137 without my special talents ( comparable to two strong beers ) .This was an official examination concerning medicin only Hawik for Adults.Its natural IQ and quite normal for me.Based on that they payed my application programmer in the fast lane cause this was ending my law examination in Augsburg Bavaria not in evry other part of Germany by right wing radical bavarian police.Darjeeling und Verfassungsschutz - Incredible Schilda Real Event Bavaria Munich 2012 - Bavarian language You are right with law examination Im in Bavaria a left judge interested in GG constitutional law human rights and SPD ( Germany medium left brain and not a Nazi or religious radical in the end...